Ghost Pen Holder.




Introduction: Ghost Pen Holder.

Want to make a pen holder then, you will need this things.

  1. A shampoo bottle,
  2. A scissors,
  3. A cutter,
  4. A black and a white paper(size:half of A4 )
  5. Then you need glue and double side tape.
  6. And last a piece of paper (palm size) and the papers color choice can be yours but i used orange color paper.

Step 1: Giving the Look.

  1. First you need to peel off the stickers form the bottle (the company sticker).
  2. Then take the black paper and draw the mouth and eyes (one big and one small) and then cut them all.
  3. Then take the white paper and cut the teeth,it should be in proportion with the size of mouth (not so big and not so small)
  4. Then take the palm size paper and cut two small circle (very small, see the photo )! the pupil.
  5. Then stick the teeth on the mouth,alternative to each other as in the photo,
  6. Then cut the bottle with a cutter at the top,you can choice your size and cut according to it but, you should make a arc at top as in the photo.
  7. Now stick mouth and eyes with glue, mouth should be in center but the one eyes should be little bit up then the other.

Step 2: Finishing Touch.

Now use the remaining part from the last step and make hands out of it.

  1. First draw hand on the remaining part of the bottle and then cut it using cutter.
  2. Then use the double side tape (first apply tape on the hands and the tape should be not go out) and cut the extra tape.
  3. And at last stick it to the body! both hands should be at one level (and its up to you how you want to stick them).

Step 3: You Are Done With Your Ghost Pen Holder.

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    pal patel
    pal patel

    5 years ago

    Wow.. great idea. !


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Cute, what a great use for an empty plastic container.


    5 years ago

    It's cool