Introduction: Giant Black Pearl - How to Temper Dark Chocolate

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If you are true chocolate lover, you need to try tempering the chocolate.

This recipe, featuring tempered chocolate was first published on our blog here:

Giant black pearl – No bake chocolate desserts

Tempering process makes chocolate more glossy, shiny and crunchy. Learning this process will help you make chocolate sweets, stunning desserts and beautiful decorations for the cake.

You can temper any chocolate, but the temperature differs, depending on the type of chocolate.

In this recipe I will show the process of tempering dark chocolate to make the shell of the black pearl. Inside the pearl, there is a white chocolate mousse and surprise - dollop of blackberry jam.

This is a romantic, surprising dessert for a true chocolate lover!



400 g dark chocolate /14 oz
140 g white chocolate /5 oz
55 g heavy cream /2 oz
1 tsp gelatin bloomed in 2 tbsp water
2 egg yolks
1 pinch salt
170 g heavy cream /6 oz
100 g blackberries /3.5 oz
4 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp biscuit crumbs for serving


Food thermometer for tempering chocolate
Round shape silicone mould
Parchment paper
sea shells for serving (optional)

Step 1: White Chocolate Mousse

Put white chocolate with heavy cream on a double boiler*. Let it melt completely, stirring until smooth.

Remove white chocolate mixture from heat. Add gelatin, previously melted in a microwave or on a stove.

Add 2 egg yolks and a pinch of salt in a small glass or bowl. Whisk together, then slowly add egg mixture into white chocolate mixture, whisking vigorously.

Heat the mixture again on a double boiler for 2 minutes, stirring. Then cool it a little and leave in a fridge for 20 minutes.

NB! Make this just before filling the ready-made chocolate shells, not earlier: Whip the remaining cold heavy cream until soft peaks. Gently fold in the whipped cream in the chocolate mousse mixture.

*Double boiler or Bain-Marie is just a pot with water, placed on the heat, with a smaller bowl placed on on top. The bowl should not touch the water.

Step 2: Temper Dark Chocolate

Place approx. 70 % of amount pf good quality dark chocolate on a double boiler. It is easier to work with this amount of chocolate (at least 400-500g).

Set your food thermometer (46 C / 115 F) and melt it, stirring, until it reaches needed temperature.

Then immediately remove it from heat and add remaining dark chocolate. Keep stirring.

Reset your thermometer (31 C / 88 F). Stir until the chocolate cools and reaches needed temperature.

You can use ice bath and save you time.

Now the chocolate is ready to make the shells of for the black pearl or make another perfect chocolate treat!

Step 3: Make Chocolate Shells

Prepare a tray, layered with baking paper.

Fill half of each mould with tempered chocolate. Spread the chocolate to the edges of the mould.
Reverse the moulds to remove the excess chocolate to the parchment paper. Clean the edges of the mould, so that shells come out clean.

Leave it to set in the fridge or in the cool place.

Step 4: Fill the Shells With Mousse

Gently remove shells from mould. They should be glossy and shiny. Prepare your shells for the filling.

Fill the shells with white chocolate mousse just to the edges, not more. Smooth the top with a knife or spatula.

Leave it to set for about 30 minutes in the fridge.

Step 5: Make Blackberry Center

Add blackberries to the pan with sugar and simmer on a low heat about 15 minutes. Stir from time to time. Then leave the jam to cool a little. Use a sieve to remove the seeds.

With a small teaspoon remove the center of the mouse in each shell. Fill in the blackberry jam. Then carefully and fast put together every black pearl.

Leave it in a fridge for about 30 minutes.

Step 6: Surprise Your Guests With Black Pearl

Serve on the "sand". Sand is biscuit crumbs. Add crumbs to the sea shell and carefully put the black pearl.

You can watch this step-by-step video:

Hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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