Introduction: Giant Dice Game

Make a dice game and play it too! This is a great rainy day art project that leaves you with a fun game to play every time the rain just doesn't stop.

Step 1: Supplies

5 5inch styrofoam cubes

Paper mache mix

Brown paper bags


Paint brushes

Circle template

Chalk board paint

1/4 inch drafting tape

White under coat paint


2 x 3 foot piece of smooth plywood

White paint pen

Large basket

Step 2: Paper Mache

Five inch foam cubes make great light weight dice. Playbox paper mache mix from Blick art store is the cheapest easiest mix I have found.. Just follow the instructions. Brown paper grocery bags make a heavy duty layer. Two layers should be plenty. Tear up the brown paper bags into strips that are about 1inch by 3 inches. Tearing the paper works better then cutting it with scissors because it feathers edges. Apply the paper mache to a strip of paper on each side then smooth the strip onto the cube. Once it is all covered twice, it should take about a day to dry.

Step 3: Paint

This is where you can go crazy. Have fun picking colors. Paint the dice a solid color and then add the dots. I used a circle template as a stencil. This made painting all the dots a little easier.

Step 4: Make the Score Card

Undercoat the 2 x 3 foot plywood with white paint. If you are doing it inside because it is raining you can use a paint brush. Once the white paint is nice and dry, mark all your lines. The drafting tape goes where you want all the white lines. Make sure you burnish the black tape well so the paint wont leak underneath. After you have all the tape down, you can paint on the chalkboard paint. When the chalkboard paint is dry peel off the tape and reveal the white lines underneath.

Step 5:

A white paint pen makes the job of writing all the words easy. There are plenty of score cards on line to use as guides for the scorecard.

Step 6: Play the Game!

Now all you need is a big basket to put the dice in and some chalk. To roll the dice put them all in the basket and then dump them onto the floor. Mark you scores with chalk and when the game is over simply erase the chalk board and your ready to play again.

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