Introduction: Giant Dimebag Guitar

About: I like building things with wood - both new and reclaimed wood. Profesionally I work as an exhibition builder/designer. In my spare time I build stuff with reclaimed wood.


the giant guitar to go with the giant robot.

after building the giant robot we were asked I we could add something to the robot to make it more eye-catching for an anual rock-festival.

I got free choice of the kind of guitar so being a metal-fan, and a dimebag darrel and pantera fan...I based the guitar on one off the dean guitar for dimebag.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment


- multiplex 18mm

- steelwire 8mm

- wire tensions

- steel offcuts

- outdoor paint


- track saw

- angle grinder

- jigsaw

Step 2: The Cut Out

I started by printing out the shape of the guitar

using the dimensions on the paper I then converted those dimensions to the dimensions I needed, meaning that the guitar is about 2,8 meters high and 1.2 meters wide.

I cut out the shape using a track saw for the straight cuts and a jigsaw for the more difficult corners.

Step 3: Building Up the Guitar

after cutting out the first guitar shape I cut out 2 more and glued and screwed all 3 pieces together to make the guitar look more life-like.

the "humbuckers" are just pieces of plywood.

a quick spraycan paint was done to get a feel for the look of the guitar.

Step 4: Making the Bevel Cuts.

I used a router to bevel the sides of the guitar.

I used a rounder on the top of the guitar and used an angel router on the back of the guitar. on the neck of the guitar I increased the angel of the bevel to get the cut-out to reach the high frets.

This improved the look of the guitar a great deal. I finished the bevels with an orbital sander.

Step 5: The Frets

I used some iron cut-offs I had lying around from previous projects to make the frets.

I cut them to size and then used superglue to glue them onto the neck.

Step 6: Changing the Humbuckers and Paint

I had to rethink the humbuckers because they were to high when I used 2 pieces of wood so I made them out of a single piece of wood and left the screws uncovered. I the gave the guitar body a fresh coat of waterproof paint.

Step 7: The Strings.

most important part of the guitar...the strings...

here's how I decided to make mine look as real as I could.

I used steel wire and attached one side to a turnbuckle, the turnbuckle is attached to the body using the hook part of the turnbuckle (see picture) and the other side went throught the head of the guitar and was screwed to the neck at the back of the guitar. I could then use the turnbuckles to build up the tension of the steel wire. worked very well.

Step 8: One Big Guitar!

finished guitar.

Step 9: Giant Guitar Meet Giant Robot

I then mounted the guitar on the robot we build, notice that we changed the robot's raised hand from a "hello there"-robot hand to a "HELL YEAH" - robot hand.

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