Introduction: Giant Edible Rainbow Loom Bracelet!

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This easy and inexpensive craft makes a cute gift for anyone who enjoys using loom bands, or you could even treat yourself! It's lots of fun and not very time consuming, either. This is my first ever instructable, so please let me know how I did and what I could improve! I hope you enjoy it :)

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need:

- A bag of snake lollies. Here, I've used 'Natural Confectionary' brand, but you can use Pams, Allens, or whatever's cheap. Looking back, I found the Natural Confectionary snakes weren't quite as long as I would've liked, and also pretty sticky! They do have absolutely delicious flavours, though.

- A sharp knife

- A lighter. If you don't have one on hand, you could use a small candle instead.

- Toothpicks. These aren't a must, but are definitely handy!

Step 2: Sort Those Snakes!

Open your bag of candy and sort your snakes into colour order! I made mine in a rainbow pattern but you can do yours however you like. You'll need at least three of each colour, so make sure there's enough. You might want a few extras, just to be on the safe side - some of my original fifteen got a bit sticky and I had to eat them!

Step 3: Time to Trim

Now, cut your snake's mouth open, so he looks like he's laughing, and trim a little bit off his tail, creating a point.

Step 4: Make It Melt

Flick on your lighter (or light your candle, whichever you're using) and melt the snake's tail slightly. Be careful to hold it above the flame, rather than in it, or you'll end up with a black tail, which isn't very attractive. I included a photo of a burnt snake so you can see what it looks like.

Step 5: Turn It Into a Loom Band!

Now, put your snake's partially melted tail into his mouth, so it looks like he's eating it. Squeeze his mouth firmly shut. Viola: one 'loom band'! Continue to do these steps until all your snakes are used up, and you have lots of these 'loom bands'.

Step 6: Starting the Bracelet

Put one of your red snakes on your work surface and put an orange one on top, creating a sort of cross. Flip your 'cross' upside down and pull the sides of the orange band up around the red band. Hold in place with a toothpick while you get your yellow snake.

Step 7: Hello Yellow

Put a toothpick through the loops in the red band to hold it in place while you make your bracelet. Take the toothpick out of the orange band and thread a yellow band through its loops. It should look like the photo.

Step 8: Green Snake

Thread a green band through the loops of the yellow band...

Step 9: Purple Snake

...and a purple band through the loops of the green. Can you see the pattern already starting to show? Keep doing this until your bracelet is of the desired length.

Step 10: Fasten It Up

Now your bracelet is a good length, you're ready to join the ends together. Bring them around so they're touching each other, and thread an un-joined purple snake through the loops of the red and green bands. Cut a slit in the purple snake's mouth, melt his tail, and make him bite it. Leave it to cool and set, and your bracelet is complete! I'm sorry there isn't an image for this step, but I hope you can understand it.

Step 11: Wear It or Wrap It

Well done - you've finished your amazing edible bracelet! Now you have to make a decision... you can either wear it, eat it, or put it in a pretty box lined with tissue paper and give it to a friend. I hope you enjoyed my first ever instructable! Have a wonderful day!

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