Introduction: Giant Paper Me 109

In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a giant scale Messerschmitt Bf-109e. The scale is around 1:5, but you can change it as you want. With the wingspan over 6.5' this plane can't fit in my car!! Hope you enjoy making yours.

I got the idea to make this by browsing on and saw the bf 109 on it.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you are going to need the following supplies:

Black Paint

White Paint

Yellow Paint

2 sheets of copy paper

black construction paper

3 posters


Mod Podge Glue

Duct Tape

Paper Clips

Along with those supplies you will need:

36" Ruler

Xacto Knife


Pens, Pencils and/or Sharpies

Step 2: Find Plans

What type of plane do you want to make? I made mine based off of General der Jagdflieger Adolf Galland from the Battle of Britain stage of the war. The plans that I used are attached. I got my plans from and they have tons of variety for balsa wood and rc planes.

Step 3: Make Wings

Cut out the wingtips and ribs and label them to make sure that you don't mix them together. Attach the ribs to the leading and trailing edges using 1/2 of a paperclip on each end and fastened with tape.

Once you have framed the wings, then you can cover the bottom of them. This step is important to do now as it helps hold the wing ribs level. Glue the 3 posters onto the bottom using Mod Podge and add decals if you want.

Step 4: Make Tail Assembly

Assemble the tail assembly out of the sheets of styrofoam and hold together with paperclips. After you have assembled this, give it a base coat of paint.

Step 5: Fuselage

To make the fuselage, start building off the wing around the area of the cockpit. build farther back and finish the nose last.

For the nose, make it out of cardboard sheets spaced 1 inch apart. Each sheet should be slightly smaller and the nose should be covered with tape to get the right profile. Glue to the fuselage and cover fuselage with construction paper and tape.

Cover the top of the wings with construction paper and tape now that the fuselage has been attached.

Step 6: Make Cockpit

Line the inside of the cockpit with construction paper and then print and cut out the instruments layout and glue it into the cockpit.

Make the canopy frame out of some more cardboard and tape one side to the plane so it can open and close.

Step 7: Make Decals and Paint

Paint the plane dark greys and paint the nose yellow. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hrs then give it another coat of paint.

Make the Luftwaffe and identification symbols with sharpies and the copy paper. After you have made them, attach them with glue.

I got this idea from They have tons of really cool RC Planes, boats and cars, and are at good prices too.

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