Introduction: Giant Venomous Extinct Arachnid- Found Surviving in Australia

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Australia is a place of many unusual species. One of these happen to be the dreaded, little known and previously thought to be extinct species of venomous arachnid
~Octa-spina'a Aurolenta-tis.

This species which was thought to have become extinct in the early 1980's, has been re-discovered at this local Australian address.

Scientists are baffled as to how the event has come to place.
One scientist is quoted as saying:
"The webs architecture is designed to lure its prey, yet providing the perfect ambush environment for the spider. The bulging egg sack within, indicates that it is indeed a female with young. "

Not only is its emergence considered a miracle of nature, the tunnel phenomenon has never before been witnessed by anyone whom has survived to tell the tale.

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