Introduction: Giant Wreath Photography Prop

Photography sometimes is expensive with a camera props backdrops and more. But, there are many ways to make your own props and backdrops.My mom is a photographer, you can find her at Irby . She makes some of her own props. Today me and my mom made a giant wreath prop for her christmas photography and I would like to share with you how to make it.


1 two pool noodles
2 duct tape
3 about 100 yards of green or another color of garland
4 bow optional
5 extra decorations also optional bot great for photos though

Step 1: Making the Ring

Take two decent pool noodles and tape them together at the ends. Now you should have what looks like a long pool noodle. You need two people for this step. One person form the long pool noodle into a ring. The other person tape it together.

Step 2: Making the Wreath

Tape the end of your garland to the pool noodle ring. Wrap the garland around the ring tightly. When you run out of garland take another roll, tuck the end into the wrapped section and keep wrapping. When you get to the end tuck the last piece into the wrap.(pictures are me and my mom making the wreath)

Step 3: Adding the Bow (optional)

Take a large bow and place it on the wreath.
Once you know where to put it tape it to the wreath.

Step 4: Adding Deco (optional)

Me and my mom did bit do this step because for photography you want things to be simple. If you want to use it for something else you can add decorations using tape or sticking it into the Garland wrappings

Step 5: All Done

Now you are done. You can use the wreath for photography decoration or anything else that comes to mind.