Introduction: Gift Card Holder Out of Christmas Card

Christmas cards are great to get during the season, but there is really not much to do with them afterward you receive them. Instead of letting them sit around gathering dust, why not create a great gift gift card holder for gifting those gift cards.

Here I was able to make a great gift card holder out of an old and used Christmas card.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to make my gift card holder

An old Christmas card



exacto knife

Sewing machine

Step 2: Cut Card

I started by cutting the shape I wanted out of the Christmas card. With the gift card holder being an envelope I had to cut out two pieces of the same size so they could work as the front and back

I was able to get the size i needed by having a gift card on hand to reference.

One one of the gift card sides I cut a small thumb hole to give the person a place to grip to pull the gift card out.

Step 3: Sew

Instead of gluing the envelope, I sewed my envelope closed, giving the gift card holder a really awesome handmade look

Step 4: Give

The last step is to insert a gift card and give it to someone you care about!