Introduction: Ginger Carrot Soup

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This is a simple, quick, and tasty winter soup.

Prep time: ~10 minutes
Cook time: ~30-45 minutes

1 pound carrots (shredded)
1/2 large onion (shredded)
1 boullion cube1
several chunks of ginger (depending on your taste)
bay leaf
fresh ground black pepper to taste
2T coconut milk (optional)

Shred carrots and onion, add to pot, and pour in water until the vegetables are just covered. Add boullion cube, pepper, ginger, and bay leaf. Simmer soup on low until vegetables are cooked through and most of the water has evaporated.

Taste and adjust seasonings; add coconut milk if desired. Remove bay leaf and ginger chunks and serve.

Scaling this recipe is easy! I used 4 pounds of carrots (approximately 7c shredded) and two onions with 4 boullion cubes and a big handful of ginger.

1 You may substitute stock or broth for the boullion + water. Whatever you've got in terms of ingredients and/or time.