Introduction: Gingerbread TARDIS

Create your own Doctor Who TARDIS out of gingerbread. This is appropriate for any time of year (think Dr Who themes parties), but especially relevant for the Christmas season.

I was planning on using a kit gingerbread house this year and then fitting it with LEDs, however the store was just out of this 'easy' option. So there were two choices; either make my own from scratch or build a time machine to go back to before the last kit was sold. I decided to do both.

Project requires very little previous experience and can easily be completed in under 5 hours. Just enough time to catch up on some of the better Christmas specials!

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

For the TARDIS

  • Approximately 1000g of gingerbread dough
    • I used two packets from IKEA, although you could also make it from scratch if you want to
  • Baking paper
  • Baking tray
  • Knife
  • Roller (and mat if desired)
  • TARDIS blueprints
    • I adapted the one provided by ChrysN ( and this modified version is provided in step 2, although you could also make your own or steal them from the Academy :)
  • Approximately 250g of sugar (brown or white)
  • Sugar cubes
  • Saucepan
  • Wooden spoon
  • White icing sugar
  • Vegetable oil

For the lights (optional)

  • LED (white or multi-colored)
  • Control board (Aduino or similar)
  • Wire
  • Solder and soldering equipment

Step 2: Preparation

Print out the above stencils onto paper. Cut these out; these will act as the template for each of the components of the TARDIS. Keep the printed pieces. These will be attached later (if desired)

Prepare gingerbread as per directions. Use the rolling pin to create flat pieces of the appropriate lenght and width with a thickness of around 2mm. Roll onto baking paper since this will make transferring the pieces much easier later on.

Step 3: Creating Components

Place stencil over the rolled gingerbread. Use the knife to cut out the piece.

Remove excess gingerbread and place baking paper (with cut piece) onto tray. Recombine gingerbread and roll out into a new flat piece over baking paper.

Repeat until all components have been cut out. Remember that some will need to be cut more than once.

Follow cooking directions as per recipe used.

Make window panes by cutting out rectangular pieces of paper slightly larger than the windows. Draw crosses onto them and then use vegetable oil to make the paper translucent. This is the same method used by American colonists to install windows without using expensive (and fragile) glass.

Step 4: Component Finalisation

The gingerbread will have expanded slightly in the oven and will now be the wrong dimensions. To rectify this while gingerbread is still warm re-cut pieces using the previously made stencils. Sawing over slicing action is preferred since gingerbread is prone to snapping under stress.

Don't worry about internal sides since these are incredibly challenging to cut out.

Put gingerbread back into oven to harden further for around 5 minutes (keep an eye on them so that they don't burn).

Step 5: Electronics (optional)

Use control board of your choice along with an LED on extension wires to create the lamp on top of the TARDIS. A bulb can also be included for within the TARDIS itself to light up behind the windows.

Ensure that all components are small enough to fit within the body.

Step 6: Construction

Melt approximately 250g of sugar into a small pot and then reduce heat. Any type of sugar is appropriate, although I used brown to better blend in with the gingerbread's natural colour. Use a wooden spoon to stir molten sugar, be careful!

Connect components together by using the molten sugar as glue. Use sugar cubes for a stronger connection between edges (and as a convenient 90 degree indicator). Window panes can be attached in a similar manner by placing a small amount at to top and bottom of the pane.

Molten sugar is stronger than using icing and has the benefit of remaining so even in warmer climates.

Insert the electronic components, remember to include a means of turning it on and off without needing to open the TARDIS.

Step 7: Decoration

Use icing to decorate by using piping bags or similar.

While you cold ice the while thing TARDIS blue, this is not nececessary. Try adding 'snow' to the paneling and roof section in addition to attaching paper signage to the sides.

Step 8: Finished!

Test the electronics and mount onto a base board. Consider adding gingerbread Daleks.

The project is now complete! Show off your work or eat it while re-watching the Dr Who Christmas Specials.

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