Girls' Bunk Beds/Trundle



Introduction: Girls' Bunk Beds/Trundle

This is close to the end without the trundle under the bottom bunk....I will show some pictures in stages of how we started this project and why we decided to build it ourselves...

Step 1: The Girls Room Before

Very small room my girls have when they are with me on the weekends....Measures under 9' on each wall....A full bed in here and they hardly had any room...We figured a store bought bunk bed would make the room look even smaller and would not utilize the space like a built in...We will see lol...

Step 2: Top Bunk

Standard 2"x6" cut and painted and spanning from the studs..I decided to bring it out flush with their window...This allowed for and extra 6 inches between a standard twin and the back wall...The slats are 1x4" and approx 4 inches apart...

Step 3: Bottom Bunk Frame

Pretty basic frame...The slats will be set to drop inside the frame and flush...Made sure to hit plenty of studs on the wall and will add a little support to the floor in case of any rough play....

Step 4: Here Is a Headboard If We Add a Trundle or Shelf If We Dont...

This was the extra space to the back wall....2x4 framing with sheet rock...a little paint a trim work left....The next picture will show how we added the boxes on sides of the bed...two purposes...first to climb from the bottom bunk to the top and second to close in the bed...Our room again was approx 105 inches wide and the standard twin is 75"

Step 5: Side Removable Boxes

Here is the two side boxes...Than can be set like this and the bed pushed into the corner to match the future trundle bed like a sofa...Or the boxes can be on both sides of the bottom bed...I will upload a future picture or two that may explain it better...

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