Introduction: Glass Apothecary Display

Most people have some form of glass just lying around the house, unused. For example, a mason jar, glass bottle, table vase, change jar, etc. So why not put this discarded resource to use? Over time, collect those empty soda bottles and finally give them a new purpose, with this inspiring up-cycled glass apothecary display, you really can. In just 6 easy steps.


  • Vintage glass bottles, vials, baubles, etc (Can also be plastic).
  • An assortment of both fresh and dried leaves, flowers and herbs.
  • A display tray, or perhaps a table (preferably wooden).
  • Some additional accessories, such as a notebook, pens, rhinestones, rusted pennies.
  • Dye, ink or anything you deem suitable to color your "potions" (water).

Step 1: Collecting Glass

Grab those glass bottles, tubes, and change jars we all know you have just lying around on the windowsills and put them to good use. Embellish these glass vessels with anything you desire, from raffia to rhinestones (just try to keep it natural) and fill with either water, dye, or accessories like pennies, herbs, and spices.

Step 2: Potions

Now it's time to create those concoctions. Space out those tubes, vials, and baubles on a nice and sturdy surface. Fill each one with a combination of your choice of herbs, spices, dye, leaves, etc (you may need a funnel for this step.) Feel free to include citrus fruits in these mixtures, but be warned; if you choose to include fresh fruits, your display will have a very short shelf life. If desired, place designated corks on top of your vials.

Step 3: Foliage

Gather up both dried and fresh leaves, flowers, fruits, spices, mosses, etc and spread them across the floor/table to decide which ones to use, and which ones will return to the garden. Leave in the Sun to dry if still damp.

Step 4: Arrangement

Arrange those dried leaves and flowers across your display table, or woven throughout your tray strategically. You may need to glue, tape or Blu-Tac things into place, especially if you are working against the wind.

Step 5: Accessories

You may choose to add some accessories to your display, as they tend to enhance the effect of a truly eye-catching centrepiece. An unlit candle, vintage pens, or even an old, 'distressed' journal or candlestick will do just the trick.

Step 6: Combining

Finally, it's time to put it all together. The foliage, potions, and accessories fusing at last, to create an inspiring centerpiece and a great conversation starter, enjoy!

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