Introduction: Glass Through Table Magic Trick


- Glass/Cup

- Small object that fits under the cup

- Sheet of A4 paper

Step 1: Video

Here is a video of how the trick is going to be happening

Then, I will show you how to do it!

Step 2: Covering

Put the small object under the cup and show your audience that you did so

Step 3: A4

Put the A4 over the cup so that you can can't see the cup anymore

The paper must have the cup's shape

Step 4: Where the Magic Happens

Show the audience that the object is still under the cup

Drop the cup on your lap as showed on the video

Step 5: Replacement

Put the paper on the object

IMPORTANT! The paper has to keep the shape of the cup

Step 6: Smash!

Smash the on the table

The audience will think that the cup disappeared but it actually is on your laps!

Step 7: Reveal

Reach under the table and show the cup to your audience

Step 8: Complete!!!

You completed your magic trick!