Introduction: Glass Fiber Custom Build Picture Frame; SNOOPY

Build a shining picture frame with custom pattern or lettering.

what you need:
- Picture frame (my choice: 20x15)
- glass fiber
- cardboard
- scissors
- Superglue
- needle
- Coloured LEDs, Color Changing LED, resistors
- Mosfet (N channel)
- adjustable resistor
- Transformer (My choice: 5V)
- soldering iron
- Hot glue gun

Step 1: Customize Design

Draw dotted image of your choice.

Step 2: Prepare

- glue black cardboard on thick cardboard
- glue the picture on the other side
- pierce with a needle all points (as in the picture)

Step 3: Put the Fiber Optic Cable Through the Holes

- adjust the fiber optic cable in alignment with the paper.
- glue each fiber optic cables with superglue on the back of the paper (best with the tip of a needle).

If a point should be brighter or thicker, then just push through one point two or three fiber optic cables.

Step 4: Fix Pattern

Now bring the strands of each patterns (images) together.

- melt the ends with a soldering iron together . The best way, that two LEDs fit inside.

Step 5: Prepare the LEDs [1]

Step 6: Prepare the LEDs [2]

The best way to make, hot the ends of the strand then quickly press the LEDs inside.

Then wrap the LEDs with alufoil.

Step 7: Elektronic

Step 8: Make the Frame

Step 9: Cooler for the Resistors

Step 10: Final

It turns on automatically, at darkness or low light. On the variable resistance (side mounted) you can set the switching time.

Have a nice day :)
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