Introduction: Illusionist Wood Locket

Welcome to my instructables

First, I'm from Germany and did not write the best English, maybe in german english, so just overlook my mistakes or something. I only have a small room to work and a small amount of tools, but enough to work with.

People ask me "hey, can you make it?" I say "I don't know, but yeah I can do it for you!!!"


This is another Illusionist locket with an "easy" self made mechanism.

I didn't make enough pictures, so some parts are not visible or you can't see on every side the end results.

It's only an impression for you how you can make it, so not many measurements.

Step 1:

What you need:

    • hard wood; I used beech wood
    • needle
    • necklace
    • wood tools

    Step 2: Giving the Wood the Right Shape

    First I gave it the right shape, then sandpapered it till the four pieces fit roughly together. Every one has it own shape, so I better named each piece.

    The upper parts (OR, OL) have around the half thickness of the two lower parts.

    Step 3: The Mechanism Part_1

    That it rotates in the middle, I make a litle piece of metall and a hole in the bottom (not in the middle). The axis is a neddel. It must be like in the fifth picture.

    First I tried it with a nail, but its too big for around 8mm maximum high of the whole thing.

    The needle is glued in the left part.

    Left fixed, right movable.

    Step 4: The Mechanism Part_2

    After that, I make the holder for the upper moving parts.

    I do not have a lathe, so I put a piece of wood in the drill and worked it up with a file until it fitted like in the pictures. The magnets and the metal plates hold everything on place.

    Step 5: Finishing

    When I finished everything, I burned with a soldering iron some letters on it.

    After everything fits and moves, I rounded the edges and sprayed it with 3 layers of
    clear lacquer.

    Step 6: Endproduct

    The whole wood locket has a measurement of 40x20x8mm

    It's small and nice in the Hand.

    You need a bit of time and a lot of patience.

    Thank you for visiting my instructable and I hope I could help you with your search.