Introduction: Glassbottle Paper Lamp

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Hello there welcome to my new instructable to create a glassbottle

dreamers lamp made mostly out of glass and crepe paper.

For this instructable I really recommend you use a bottlecutter jig,

bought or selfmade to get the best results.

I have made mine using sbans instructable which I tweaked a bit,

check his instructable out with the link down below and lets begin...



- 1 straight glassbottle, abt. 7,5cm Ø. ( or more for practice)

- 1 Bottlecutter jig, bought or selfmade.

- 1 Pair of kitchengloves (protection).

- White crepe paper, folia paper Bringmann.

- Paperglue.

- 1 paint brush.

- Waterproof sandingpaper (80 grain, 240 grain, 600 grain), Ayce.


- 2 MDF disks, about 8mm thick, 13cm Ø.

- 1 Rasp.

- Wood sandingpaper, (120 grain, 180 grain)

- 1 bottle of Gilding paste, Pebeo.

- 1 packet of Gold tinted copper leaves, Pebeo.

- 1 fine brush.

- Woodglue.


- 1 LED spot, Osram DO-IT.

Step 1: Score Your Bottle

- For this project I have used a straight glasbottle. In order to

separate the bottle you are going to HAVE to score it.


- Use a bottlecutter jig, bought or selfmade to get a clean


- Adjust the base of the bottlecutter jig to the desired height

and adjust the glasscutters steel nibblers to score the bottle.

- Carefully turn the bottle to score, you have to hear a KRRR KRRR

sound for proper scoring. You want to be able to see the scored line.

Step 2: Separate the Bottle

I used the hot and cold water method to separate the glassbottle.

- Place two tesa strips lightly above and beyond the scored line to

be able to see where you pour the water.

- Heat up the water and alternate between hot and cold water poured

on the scored line

- When you hear a TING TING sound it means the glassbottle is separating

so dont stop until fully cut.

I advise you to use kitchen gloves ot other kind of protection.

Step 3: Sanding the Edges

When you managed to separate the bottle take the part with

the bottleneck and sand the edges.

- Use waterproof sandingpaper, begin with 80grain to

240grain and finish with 600grain paper to get a smooth


Step 4:

- Cut the white crepe paper into small strips.

- Take a piece of paper and put on paperglue on

one surface.

- Scrunch up the paper and put it on the bottles surface,

it may need more glue to stick.

Repeat until all is covered.

Step 5: Prepare the Base

For this step I have used a lasercutter to cut the 8mm thick MDF.

- 2 disks, 13cm Ø wide with a 7cm Ø hole, glue both together.

- Smooth the outer line with a rasp and woodsanding paper, 80 grain

to 180 grain.

- Use gilding paste, gold copper tinted leaves and a fine brush to cover the

surface of your base.

- Put in your battery-based LED spot and place the decorated glassbottle

on top.


Step 6: Sit Back and Admire

You can now sit back and enjoy the dreamers bottle

soothing light. I advise you use a battery based led spot

to avoid it heating up.

How about making a whole collection? Can not wait

you guys to try it !!!

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