Introduction: Freeze Dried Powder for an Easier Brushing Session With Your Cat

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I have a loonghaired 10 month old cat who is very UNAMUSED and UNIMPRESSED when it comes to brushing sessions. Aka she tried to pinch me and even gnawed on the brush complete disaster!

I had tried feeding her treats while brushing her but she gobeled it up and fled....

This Instructable will show you ho to make what I call the "Magic powder" aka freeze dried powder for a (i hope ) smoother and less stressful grooming session.


- A cat (of course)

- Mortar and pestle here

- Freeze dried treats any flavor your cat likes here

- Cat brush

Step 1: Create the Powder

DISCLAIMER : I used chicken flavored freeze dried treats, if your cat prefers other flavors you can try tuna, salmon etc.

1. Take your mortar and pestle and crush your freeze dried treats in small batches into powder.

2. Put your freeze dried powder in a safe container, best in the tube in which it came.

WARNING : DO NOT use this powder as a meal. Also your cat has to be hungry so no free feeding because your cat will just go meh I already have food.

Step 2: THE Brushing

DISCLAIMER : If your cat HATES brushing as much as my cat you will have to be PATIENT. Don't rush it and be very gentle so your cat is at best tolerating you brushing him/her. Don't use too much powder remember it's a treat (and a bribe) not a meal.

1. Put some freeze dried powder in the palm of your hand. Let your cat sniff but don't let him start licking yet just make him focus on it so you can take the brush.

2. Now let the cat start to lick the powder. IT WILL GET MESSY. Gently start brushing your cats fur.

Best is to end the grooming session with the powder so stop brushing before he finishes the powder.

* Do this method for short period of times each day for your cat to get used to the brushing.

Step 3: BONUS

Don't throw away the tube in which you bought the freeze dried treats but use it as a puzzletoy for your cat

to sratch it's head and be occupied ;).

- Just use scissors or a pointy object to drill holes that are large enough for your cat's dry food.

Now go groom your cat I hope you will try this instructable if you have difficulty grooming your loonghaired cat I hope it works for others!!!

Step 4:

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