Introduction: Global Warming

Global Warming is a big problem to our society because every year it gets hotter by a few degrees. You might not think a few degrees is that much but over the years it adds up. For example summer might be 90 degrees and then the next year it might be 94 degrees and the next year might be 95 degrees and after 5 years it might be 106 degrees. 90 degrees to 106 degrees is a big change for only a few years.

Step 1: Help Plant Trees in Your Community.

Trees help us by giving oxygen and getting rid of carbon dioxide. The huge amounts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is causing Global Warming.

Step 2: Minimize the Use of Factories and Cars.

Factories create lots of smoke and and cause pollution. That pollution adds to the global warming. Also try not to use a car that much because it gives off lots of smoke.