Introduction: Solution on Littering

Littering will damage the earth in many ways, and some people are just too lazy to use trashcans. Littering also is not fun for other people at the beach because it gets in the sand and sometimes in the water. It hurts a lot of sea animals and sometimes even normal animals, like deer can get trapped or hurt.

Step 1: Put Your Trash in a Trash Can!

When you're done with your food put the trash in a trash can otherwise it will be a huge mess and in a couple years the world will be filled with trash and garbage. You don't want that right? So put your trash where they need to be (in a trash can).

Step 2: ​Pick Up Other People's Trash Even If It Is Not Yours!

If trash is laying around then pick it up or else it will just be sitting there and will smell very bad. It will also cause lots of problems because humans, animals and plants all need unpolluted water to survive. Litter can block drains and could cause a flood. It can go in the ocean and animals can eat it and die. It will also travel far in the ocean.