Introduction: Glow Paper Lantern

This is a paper lantern that will have string attached to it so you may hang it and it will have slits so that you can slide the electric candles out of it.


7 pieces of paper
Glow in the dark glue(or any kind of glue)
4 battery powered candles
2 skewers

Step 1: Make Cutouts

1 fold a paper in half and cut triangles (large and small) in the folded side then unfold
2 fold a piece of paper in half and cut a flower shape, then unfold and take the flower shape out, then unfold the flower getting a sun and then refold the sun and cut a slit in it.
3 fold a piece of paper in half and then cut a right triangle. Unfold the piece of paper and then cut six slits in each side.
4 fold a piece of paper and cut 2 half spread out W on the bottom of the folded side and the top (the two on the top facing the two on the bottom)
5 fold in half and then do a big freestyle shape.

Step 2: Assemble Lantern

1 glue all pieces in the format shown in the first photo and then glue the far right one to the far left one. (I used glow in the dark glue to make it a bit cooler)
2 trace the lantern and cut then cut to the format of the first one.
3 tape the first shape to the bottom
4 put 4 battery powered lanterns on the bottom of the lantern
5 tape the top on after cutting slits in the middle
6 tie two strings into the slits
7 put skewers through the shield and the sun and tape them onto the slits in the lantern

Step 3: Enjoy!

Hang wherever you like!

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