Introduction: Glow in the Dark Ghost Earrings for Halloween

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You will need:

  • Materials for cleaning the 3d part: IPA or less toxic cleaning materials. Always wear gloves when handling these liquids.
  • Earring hooks

Step 1: Find a Suitable 3D Model (free)

You can find 3D models (even free to download) online.

Best places to look for are:

  • thingiverse
  • yeggi
  • cults3d

I found a cool 3d model of a ghost here:

Step 2: Add the Ring on the Top of the Ghost

To use it as an earring, you will need to add a ring on the top of the ghost.

You can use any CAD program to do this, I used Solidworks, but there are a lot of free alternatives, from Sketchup, to OpenCAD.

At the end, save the file in STL file format.

Step 3: Prepare Files for 3D Printing With Resin

With a software like Chitubox (free), open the 3d file, add the supports, and clone it in order to cover the whole building plate area.

On my 3D printer, I was able to put 15 of them for a single print job.

Step 4: 3D Print It!

This step depends on your 3D Printer. Usually it involves:

  • using an USB drive to take the sliced 3D files from your computer to the 3D printer
  • turning on the machine, adding the resin (well stirred\mixed!)
  • installing the build tray
  • Start the 3D print job
  • removing the 3D printed parts
  • cleaning the 3D printed parts
  • post curing the 3D printed parts

Step 5: Clean the 3D Printed Parts

You can use IPA (works best, but is a liquid that must be handled professionally), or less toxic liquids.

Always wear gloves and mask/glasses when handling them.

Clean the 3D parts until they are dry to the touch and not "sticky".

Step 6: Post Curing the 3D Parts

Post curing is very important to make the 3D parts solid, and for the material to get its final properties.

You can use an UV oven designed for 3D Printing or a more homemade solution like those UV ovens for nail polishing. Post curing times go from a few minutes to up to 15-20 minutes.

Step 7: Add the Earring Hooks and Enjoy!

Charge them under sunlight, or under the UV oven directly for just a few minutes, and they will glow for up to 2 hours!

Step 8:

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