Introduction: Glowing Kinder Egg

This kinder egg has a warm glow, and is lovely to hold. Turn on and off by tapping the egg, can be done in a variety of motions. Find the best for you!!!


- kinder surprise egg
- small twist LED

Step 1: A Happy Accident

I put a small twist LED into a kinder egg, hoping it would make a cool light. Unfortunately I can't open to egg anymore as the light is in the way of the clicking function of the egg opening.

Step 2: Little Orb

Now I use the egg for camping, and lighting up whatever spot I'm in when I don't want to use my phone. What is cool about this one, is that it's made half of recycled materials, and is very fun to use as a conversation starter. The light is bright enough, however also provides a bit of a game for the holder.

Step 3: Making More

In the future, I'd like to buy more of the small LEDs, perhaps in different colours, and put them in more kinder eggs. It's a fun and cute way to reuse, and also makes for an adorable light. Delights both adults and kids!