Introduction: Glowing Nail Polish Stand

9C Katie Su

This is a glowing nail polish stand. You are able to put 6 bottles of nail polishes on the stand. When you do your nails, you could take out the nail polishes you want and put them on the stand and turn the lights on. This way, you are able to see which nail polish you picked more clearly in case you accidentally pick the wrong color and mess up your nails if all your nail polishes are stuffed in a box. Also, if you're doing your nails in a darker place, the light of the stand can let you see what you're doing. Keep in mind that the size of the base might be different depending on the brand of the nail polishes, (I used nail polishes from O.P.I.) so some of the measurements for laser cut might be different.


These are the materials you will need.

- Arduino x1

- Breadboard x1

- Multiple long and short electrical wires

- LED lights (I used white lights) x8

- Resistor x1

- Laser cut machine

- Laser cut wood x1

- Laser cut transparent acrylic board x1

- Tracing paper x1

- Paper cutter or scissors

- Glue&tape

- Masking tape (decoration)

- Nail polishes (preferably from O.P.I.) x6

Step 1: Connect Your Circuit

Step 2: Upload Your Code

Step 3: Laser Cut

Recommended: use Adobe Illustrator to draw out the shapes



205 mm x 135 mm x1
205 mm x 60 mm x2

60 mm x 135 mm x1

60 mm x 135 mm with a rectangle (8mm x 14mm) inside x1


205 mm x 135 mm x1

205 mm x 135 mm with six circles (diameter 28 mm) inside x1

Step 4: Stick Everything Together

Top: Stick A on to C then on to B

Side: Stick all the short sides together to form a rectangle

Bottom: Stick the bottom to the sides

Last, put the circuit into the box then stick the top on.

Step 5: DONE!!!!