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Organization Tips | Making a Glue Caddy

I made this Quick and easy Glue Caddy using some scrap wood and nothing but Starbond CA Glue (with the exception of 3 screws for support on the handle). Starbond CA glue is so easy and convenient to use on Shop Organizing Projects due to the accelerated drying time. I didn't have to pull out the brad nailer or a bunch of clamps for this project.

I literally use my new Glue Caddy on every single project I work on and everything is right where I need it in one convenient Glue Caddy. Little Organization tips like these can save you tons of time in the shop.

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Table Saw -

Miter Saw -

Tape Measure -

Speed Square -

Combination Square -

Cordless Drill & Driver -

Countersink Drill Bits -

Clamps -

RZ Dust Mask -


Canon T7i -

Sony HX80 -

Action Cam -

Microphone -

Shop Tripod -

GorillaPod -

Lighting -

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Step 1: Design Phase

The first thing I did was gather all of the supplies I thought I would like to store in this glue caddy. In my case, I grabbed my Wood Glue, CA Glue, various brushes & spreaders, expoxy, contact cement, mod podge, and I even threw in a tape measure for good measure.

I had some nice scrap pieces of Sitka spruce in my wood pile that worked perfectly for this project. I grabbed a piece of it and began to figure out a layout for the caddy by tracing and measuring my supplies. Once I figured out the dimensions of the spaces I need I used a combination and a speed square to mark out the borders where I will later glue in some dividers.

Step 2: Cutting Phase

Since I didn't design this caddy ahead of time like I normally would on most projects, I measured and cut the wood as I needed.

I grabbed a few more pieces of wood and gave them a light sanding before cutting them down to the appropriate dimensions. I wanted the side walls to be 3 inches tall so the inner wall pieces were cut at 3 inches minus the thickness of the wood (2 5/8"). I used my table saw and miter saw for this but you could simply use a circular saw, jig saw, or hand saw as well.

Step 3: Assembly Phase

This step was actually pretty quick and easy since I already laid out and drew all of the lines where the dividers were supposed to go. As I mentioned before, to save time on this build, I used CA Glue to attach the walls and dividers so I flew through this step. CA Glue is essentially super glue that bonds to most surfaces extremely well and the drying time is almost instant when you use the accelerator spray as well.

If I chose to use wood glue and a brad nailer it would have taken twice as long and wouldn't have looked very nice with nail holes everywhere. It would have taken a whole day to build if I used just wood glue and clamps.

Step 4: Finishing Phase

Once I had all the walls and dividers glued into place I made a handle by drilling two holes with a 1 1/4" forstner drill bit and cut out the material between them. I sanded this piece and used a 1/4" round over bit on my router to smooth out the edges. I used CA Glue to attach the handle but decided to use some 3/4" screws to add some extra support, since the handle will take the most abuse.

I gave it a final sanding and finished the whole thing off with 3 coats of spray on lacquer, and of course I couldn't forget the pièce de résistance, a Star Wars Vinyl sticker.

Step 5: All Done!

Nothing left to do now except to fill the caddy up with supplies and use it....

Enjoy the beauty shots and thank you so much for reading this article.


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