Introduction: Glue Sticks Light

Easy to make glow sticks lightings. Using materials readily available.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials.

- Glue sticks (10 -15 pieces). Choose clear glue sticks.
- flashlight
- 2 pieces plastic bottles.
- paper plate with foil(used as a reflector.
- adhesive tape.
- colored paper
- glue
- scissors
- knife or paper cutter
- marker

Step 2: Wrap the Glue Sticks Together

With adhesive tape wrap the glue sticks.

Step 3: Make the Outer Body

Bottom part.
Mark two circles on the bottle. One circle is near the cap, the flashlight handle will fit to the hole but not the head. One circle is about 2 inches from the first hole.

Upper part.
Mark two circles on the bottle. One circle is near the cap, the combined glue sticks circumference will fit to the hole. One circle is about 1 inch from the first.

Step 4: Make the Inner Part. the Reflectors.

Cut two 4 inches diameter from paper plate. Make funnel shapes out of these. The one hole fits to the flashlight. The other fits to the combined glue sticks.
Cut a rectangle from paper plate. 1inch thick and 3 inches length.

Attach the reflectors accordingly.

Step 5: Combine the Upper and Lower Parts.

Place the glue sticks to the upper body.
Place the flashlight to the lower body.
Put colored paper of any color to cover the body. You may choose or put anything to decorate it.

Step 6: Turn on the Glue Sticks Light.

Go to the dark room. Then, turn on the glue sticks light. Enjoy.

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