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Introduction: Gluten Free Fortune Cookies

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2 large egg whites
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup oat flour  (I make my own using whole rolled oats in the food processor)
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup water
1 TB melted butter
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 tsp almond extract

Preheat your griddle to 400 degrees.  Write or type out (and cut) your fortunes ahead of time.

Blend all ingredients in a blender until well combined.  Spoon a teaspoon of batter onto your griddle to make a 3.5 inch circle (I usually make 2 at a time...but start with just one your first time until you get good at it).   Use the back of a spoon to spread it out if necessary.  Cook until edges are golden (about 5 minutes), and flip to cook the second side (about 2-3 minutes).   Remove from griddle, flip over and place on a cooling rack.   Lay your paper fortune in the middle of the cookie.  Very quickly fold in half, and then pinch together over the sides of a glass cup (see photos above).   Hold the cookie together with your hands for about 10 seconds to let it cool slightly and keep its shape.   Let cool on cooling rack for 20 minutes.

Notes:  These taste just like old school 'Nilla Wafers!  They will not store very well for more than a day or two....but they are so light and tasty they probably won't last more than 15 minutes anyways.  Making these cookies is a learned skill, so plan to make a practice batch or two before you plan to serve them to anyone else.  Making the batter is super quick....but making each cookie is more difficult and time consuming.  These are the kind of thing you make once a year to impress a date (it totally worked on my husband back in the day)!   Since you can write your own custom fortune, these would make a TERRIFIC marriage proposal or baby gender announcement!   These would also taste great dipped in dark chocolate (for Valentine's Day perhaps?).   If your cookies come out chewy after cooling for 20 minutes, your're not cooking them long enough.  Try again and leave the first side on the griddle 1 minute longer.  You have to let all of the steam escape the batter in order for them to crisp up once completely cooled.  They will be soft at first (so you can shape them), but should cool to completely crisp in 20 minutes.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    how many fortune cookies does this recipe make?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It really depends on how big you make your cookies, and how many you accidentally ruin and have to throw away. I think my batch made about 6? When you first start making them, you will get less cookies per batch. As you get better (definitely by the second batch), your yield will be greater because you won't mess up :)


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Looks like one of our local snacks here ah, I think in foreign countries should be called griddle cake。