Gluten Free Chocolate Stuffed French Toast

Introduction: Gluten Free Chocolate Stuffed French Toast

This is a easy and super delicious dessert / snack!Don’t worry if you can’t eat gluten since this recipe is gluten free. If you can eat gluten you can still use this recipe and just use gluten ingredients. Without further ado, Let’s get started! ♡



2 Toast ( gluten free )
1-2 eggs
( Did you know that Nutella is gluten free! )

Supplies you will need :

A fork
A bowl
A knife
A frying pan
A flipper

Step 1: Let’s Start:

Step 1

Put a decent amount of Nutella on one of the toast .
Make sure it is in the middle and make sure to leave some space on the edge and don’t over fill it.

Step 2

Put the other toast on top of it , as if you are making a sandwich.

Step 3

Crack an egg in to the bowl and mix it well with a fork .

Step 4

Dip the Toast sandwich in to the egg , make sure to soak the egg on to both of the surface and the rims.

Step 5

Put some butter in the frying pan and turn the fire to medium heat and wait until it is melted. Then put your soaked toast on the pan and fry it until it is golden brown. Then flip it on to the other side and do the same .

Step 6

Put your amazing dessert on a plate and you are ready to put it in your tummy !
Milk is best friend of this dessert so drink it with your masterpiece!
Enjoy ♡ ♡

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    2 years ago

    round these parts, we call it "Nutella stuffed french toast"
    feel free to add a few thin slices of banana to the inner layer, for
    a special breakfast treat :-)