Introduction: Goal Chart

How to create a goal chart!


Colorful writing utensils

Printer or paper/ Ruler

Step 1: Create a Goal Chart

Create and print a blank goal chart like the one above or use paper and a ruler to create your own by hand.

Step 2: Think of a Short Term Goal.

Step 3: Write an "I Will" Statement.

Step 4: Date

Add a date for you to achieve your goal. Remember, this is a short term goal so keep it to about a month in length.

Step 5: Strategy #1

Now we need to think of strategies that will help us achieve our goals. Strategies are what we plan to do to ensure we are successful. We need to list three.

Step 6: Strategy #2.

It is a good idea to change colors as you write each strategy.

Step 7: Strategy #3

Add a third and final strategy.

Step 8: Calendar

As you go through each day, record on your calendar which strategies you used.

Step 9: Partner

It is often a good idea to have someone that you trust be your accountability partner. This person checks up on you and your progress.

Step 10: Reflect

Did you meet your goal? If the answer is yes, congratulations! If the answer is no, good job on making progress toward your goal. Since you used different shapes and colors to track your progress, it is easy to see in what areas you were most successful and which areas you can work on.