Introduction: Goat Cheese Salad

A sublime combination of sweet, sour & salt.. it's easy to make and even healthy!!
The portion is A WHOLE MEAL!

Step 1: Ingredients (2 Persons, Whole Meal)

"2 Fresh Goat Cheese (round with or without crust)
"300 gram of grapes (green if you like sour or red if you are the sweeter-type)
"100 gram of Rocket salad ( or mixed with other young salad leaves)
"50 gram of Pecan nuts
"1 egg
"1 package of Breadcrumb
"Salt and Fresh Black Pepper
"Oil to bake in

"7 spoons Balsamic
"2-3 spoons Honey
"1/2 Lemon

"The basics
"Baking pan
"Grater (if you don't have one, you can skip this)

Step 2: Dressing

Put the Balsamic and Honey in a small bowl and stir till it's one fluid.

Grater the Lemon Skin and add with the juice to the fluid. If you don't own a grater then just add the Lemon Juice.

Try if you like the taste. If you think it's to sour, add some more honey.. but remember the grapes are also sweet!

Step 3: Pecan; Salted or Natural Unbaked?

If you have Pecan's which are already baked and salted you can skip this step!
If they are only baked, just add some salt! It's possible to roast them (without oil!) but its not necessary!

UNBAKED read here;
Bake the Nuts in a bit of Olive Oil. Add some Salt and fresh Black Pepper.

Keep an eye on them so the don't burn.. after a wile they burn really easy!

After baking;
Place the nuts on a piece of kitchenpaper on a plate. So the can reduce fat.

Step 4: Grapes & Rocket

Make shore the salad is washed. Place it on 2 plates.

Cut the Grapes in half and put them on the plates with the salad.

Step 5: Preparing the Goat Chees 'Jacket'

Take a deep plate or bowl to mix in the egg.
Next to it you place a plate with the Breadcrumb. Leave the package near by, just in case!

Let the Goat Chees 'bade' very gentel in the egg. It has to be cover al over.

Step 6: Breadcrumb

Lay the -in egg covered- Goat Cheese in the Breadcrumb. Cover the Cheese with this Breadcrumb.

Repeat step 2 again, after that step 3 again.. Till you have 3 to 4 layers*.

*The layers have to be as equal as possible. And as solid as possible, that makes it less messy to bake them!

Step 7: Bake the Goat Cheese

Use a good baking pan, and a little Olive Oil to bake the Chees.

Use medium/minimal heath, you don't want to burn it.

Step 8: GoldenBrown

Take +- 7 to 10 minutes per side. Turn very very gently with a spatula and let your hand assist.

If the heat is to low the Cheese wil get to liquid. We don't want that! It has te be crispy goldenbrown.

Step 9: TADAAAA! Your Goat Cheese Salad Is Ready to Eat!

Now it's like a construction box;

Place the dressing on the plate with salad and grapes.

Put the Cheese in the middle.

Sprinkle the Pecans around the cheese.

Ad Salt and fresh Black Peper on the whole dish.