Introduction: God Created ALL the Animals

I teach the pre-school Sunday School class at the church I attend.  I have found that "my" children seem to take in what they hear better when thier hands are occupied!  So I use and arts and crafts project as an intergeral part of my lesson.  It may not appear that the children are listening AND understanding but I use LOTS of multiple choice questions to see how well they are comprehend what I have just taught.  And they often suprize me by adding on a very insightful explaination of why they choose the answer.  And often even if they choose the worng answer they give such a wonderful AND comepletely right rationale for thier answer that I am astonished!   I do also use open ended questions but not as often due to the age of the group.  Also as a lot of teaching at the age is developing a love of learning I do not want to set the children up to be wrong. 

The lesson theme for the month is "God Created...".  To emphasis that God created animals that (now) live in widely different enviroments I created (after much prayer) this teaching poster.

This project can be used in a Christian school just as described.  It could also be adapted to a regular school to demonstrate the widley differenting enviroments that animals live.

As we are severely limited as to time I made the poster out of construction paper for each child before the lesson.  The children then simply put the animal stickers from those provided in right places.  However I am sure that they would enjoy coloring a drawing and drawing thier own animals.  Across the top of the poster "we" wrote "God Made..." and "Genius 1:20 -25" across the bottom.

During the lesson I read Genius 1:20 - 25 stopping after each "set" of animals was created "let the water teem.." to discuss what kind of animals this was.  

The main points of the lesson are:
(1) God created the world and made it so EACH the animals had food that is best for it to eat BEFORE He even made them, so He was taking care of them BEFORE he even made them.
(2) He simply "spoke and it happened" He did not have to do anything or use anything to make it happen and it did not happen by chance. 
(3) There are many kind of animals.  They live all over the world.  They live in all kinds of places - hot, cold, etc.  They move in all kinds of ways.  They come in all sizes and shapes.  God created them all.

Everything that is good and right about this lesson came from God.  Anything that is incorrect about it came from me.  I will not discuss evolution with you.  Yes, I understand that I used animals and enviroments that did not exist at the time of creation.  This is not a zoology lesson.  It is a very simplified lesson about the fact that God created ALL life.

Thank you for you attention.  I hope that you will vote for this project.

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