Introduction: Godzilla ORCA Device

I'm a huge fan of Godzilla and I have watched almost all classic films and cartoons. This project was inspired by newest movie from Monsterverse - 'Godzilla King of The Monsters'. The only problem was that I couldn't even find good pictures of the device, so I took few screenshots and started to design my own version of the ORCA.

It took about 20 hours to design the prop in Fusion 360 and I only had screenshots from the movie, so it's not super precise copy. To print all this in real size (same as in the movie) it took about 100 hours on my FDM printer, so this project require patience.



- Superglue

- A4 paper

- Acrylic paint (various colours)

- Double sided tape


- 3D printer

- Laser printer

- Scissors


- Cura

Step 1: 3D Design

I have started the design in Fusion 360 and I wanted to make it as close to original prop from the film as possible. After about 30 hours of digital design, the prop was ready for printing and I had to split it the way it could be printed on standard FDM printers.

The most challenging part was to make the moving parts. The screen suppose to unfold in 3 steps and I have managed to do that. Below, there is Fusion 360 simulation of how the screens suppose to unfold:

Step 2: Printing the Graphic

After I have finished my CAD model, I had to design graphic for the screens. All you have to do is to print those pictures on regular laser or inkjet printer and cut them out. Once you 3D print your model, you can attach the graphic, using double sided tape.

Step 3: Assembly and Painting

I won't lie to you, it's very time consuming project. It took about 100 hours just to print all necessary parts. The assembly itself is pretty straight forward, you can check above pictures as reference.

After putting everything together, I have started to paint the model. It's really up to you what colours you use, but I would recommend chrome paint as a base and then red, blue, white and black accents for details.

To assemble the movable screens, use 1mm to 2mm wire which you insert through the brackets.

Finally, use double sided tape to attach printed graphic onto the screens.

Now, all you have to do, is to find the right frequency to control titans like Godzilla or King Kong lol.

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