Introduction: Go/hiking/extended Stay Bag

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Alright, just to finish out my camping/go gear. Here is my extended stay bag. As in not an overnight bag.
This bag started out as a generic Field-line I used it a few years then started looking for another bag. But I found it difficult to find an affordable bag with all the things that I liked about this one.
So what's a girl to do? I copied the things I liked best about the packs that I liked and modified this pack to incorporate them.
One thing that I like most about this bag is that it separates into 2, a day bag and a hip pack. The space between the two, when they are assembled, is a convenient space  for flat item such as maps.

Please take the time and let me know what you think, any suggestions are welcome.;

Stored food is not shown nor discussed in the instructable.

Step 1:

The cool thing about the older style Feildline bags is that they came with the Buddy-lok system which is great for being able to pull accessory bags off the pack without unlacing everything.

Step 2:

some more of the exterior accessory bags.

Step 3:

Tools. :D

Step 4:


Step 5:

Kitchen stuff

Step 6:

Odds and ends

Step 7:

Solar phone chargers, I also have 2 4x AA solar battery chargers.
Obviously I only bring the adapters that I need. ;)

These are little creature comforts that aren't needed but at the same time remove a few worries such as power for flashlights and cell phones.
As well the larger charger has a built in 3 LED flashlight.
They can be charger at home (110), in the car (12v) or by solar.

Step 8:

Pretty self explanatory.
These are kept in the space between the bag when they are together.

Step 9:

2x cotton bandanas

Step 10:

Additional stuff

Step 11:

OK, This is an old Fieldline fly fishing vest, well at least half of it.
It has been modified slightly to clip into the clips you see in the second picture, setting across the chest.
The center closes with Velcro so taking the pack off is as simple as undoing the center, no unclipping of the chest piece.

Step 12:

Pillow and sleeping bag.
Fleece bag and nylon stuff bag (both home made)
Fleece pillow which folds inside itself and has a nylon outer shell (my design) If anyone is interested I will try to post a pattern.

Step 13:

A bad picture but it kinda shows where everything goes on the bag