Introduction: Gold Foil Laptop Cover

About: Makeademic

When I bought a new laptop, I could not find a laptop case design that I liked, so I thought, why not design one of my own? I bought a plain black case on Amazon and had some gold foil transfer from iCraft Deco Foil I was excited to try out! I love all things gold and shiny, so I decided to draw gems, and I am happy with the results! I would love to see what you do with this Instructable!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

  • a laptop case
  • liquid adhesive
  • foil transfer sheet
  • gold spraypaint (not pictured)
  • painter's tape (not pictured)

Step 2: Liquid Adhesive Design

  1. Create a draft outline of your design.
  2. Squeeze the liquid adhesive evenly in your patterns. The final design will be dimensional like puffy paint.
  3. Let the adhesive dry until clear.

Step 3: Gold Foil Transfer

  1. Rub the foil transfer gold side up over the glue.
  2. Gently remove the transfer sheet.
  3. Repeat over any spots left unfoiled.

Step 4: Finish Details

The original zipper was grey, but I wanted it to be gold.

  1. Use painter's tape to block off the surface you don't want painted.
  2. Spray paint the zipper.
  3. Let it dry.
  4. Seal paint with clear gloss if necessary.
  5. Enjoy your custom gold foil design!