Introduction: Golf Scorecard Display Case, Easy Joinery!

About: It’s not just things made out of wood… it’s things made out of wood that are awesome! My name: Matt Haas

This display case showcases the scorecard, golf ball and pencil used when an awesome golf accomplish happens, like an eagle (two-under-par) or a hold-in-one.

This is made with solid wood, a few pieces of thin plywood and some HDPE plastic. The joinery (simple butt joints) are held together with nothing but wood glue. It's super easy to make!

I used walnut but any hardwood will do.

My brother and sister-in-law both shot two-under-par on the golf course last year and I made two of these for them. They love them!

Materials Needed

Tools Needed

  • Table saw
  • Box cutter or Exacto-knife
  • Spray Adhesive
  • CNC machine (Ex: x-carve) or bandsaw or scroll saw
  • Benchtop sander (or just sandpaper)
  • Drill press with a 1.25" Forstner bit.

Step 1: Prepare the Frame

Rip 1/4 inch thick stock into long strips 1.5 inches wide. The length should be determined by first measuring your scorecard and allowing 1 inch on each side. For example, if your score card is 4 x 7 allow for 6 x 9. In this example, you'll need two sides (6 inches long) and one top (9 inches long). 15 total inches.

  • If you're using stock thicker than 1/4 inches, make multiple passes on the table saw, sneaking up on the center with several passes.
  • Rip the boards in half, 1.5 inches wide.
  • Cut a rabbet on one side of each piece with a router. This will allow the plywood back to sit flush with the 3 sided frame.

Dry if the frame together. Measure the inside dimensions (from rabbet to rabbet). This will be the size of the plywood back (see below)

Cut 1/8" thick plywood to the size you've determined above (approximately 6" x 9"... a little larger though)

  • Use wood glue to join the sides and top. Butt joints are fine. Easy!
  • Use wood glue to attach the plywood to the back of the frame. This sits inside the rabbet.
  • Apply spray lacquer to the hardwood.
  • Cut green construction paper to the inside dimensions of the frame. Apply with spray adhesive.

Step 2: Prepare the Base

Cut a 3/4" thick piece of walnut (or other hardwood) to 3.25" x 9.5".

Cut a 45-degree angle on the table saw as shown.

Use a 1.25" Forstner bit on a drill press to remove 1/4" of material. The golf ball will go here.

Apply spray lacquer.

Step 3: Prepare the Pencil Holders

Use a CNC carving machine to cut these shapes. Here's the SVG file:

Sand as needed.

Apply spray lacquer.

Step 4: Prepare the Scorecard Holder

Cut a 1/8" thick piece of plywood to the exact dimensions of the scorecard. Mine was 4" x 7"

Use the table saw to remove half the material (about 1/16" deep) along the very edge of each 7" side. Move your table saw's rip fence the width of your blade several times while passing the plywood over it, removing more and more material until you have 1/4" rabbet. This will be a place for the HDPE plastic to fit.

Set the height of your table saw blade to remove only 1/8" of material. Cut a dado 1/8" deep along two pieces of 7" long piece of HDPE plastic. Position this dado 1/8" from the edge. (see image)

Increase the height of your table saw blade so it can entirely cut through the HDPE. Rip the HDPE plastic 1/2" wide. (see image)

Hot glue these two HDPE strips to the long edge plywood, within the rabbets you've made earlier, as shown.

Step 5: Add Scorecard Holder to Frame

Cut a small piece of plywood (any size... just considerably smaller than the scorecard). 2" x 1" is sufficient.

Use an Exacto-knife or utility blade to remove a small piece of green construction paper in the center of the frame. The paper is only held on with spray adhesive... so it will peel off easily and remain in one piece. This area will be used to glue the small wood block to the plywood back. Gluing wood to wood, rather than wood to paper, is ideal.

Glue the scorecard holder to this wood block.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Use wood glue to attach the frame to the base and the pencil holders to the base.

Add the pencil and ball... and... you're done!

Now everyone who sees this awesome display case will know about your awesome accomplishment!