Good Sounding Homemade Snare Drum.

Introduction: Good Sounding Homemade Snare Drum.

A cheap homemade snare drum for practicing at home.

Step 1: Gathering Materials.

Here's all you need:
*#10 sized tin can
*Metal jar lid
*A handful of pennies (I use eight)
*Sweatpants or a blanket or similar.

Step 2: Place Your Pennies on the Inner Ring of the Can.

Step 3: Put the Jar Lid Face Down on the Pennies But Make Sure They Don't Scatter.

Step 4: Gently Stuff the Can With the Sweatpants to Avoid Shifting the Lid and Pennies.

Step 5: Flip Over and Play!

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2 years ago

I just sent this project to my dad who is has a real passion for snare drums! Thanks for sharing your take on getting this sound!