Goose Eggs Lamp, How to Make



Introduction: Goose Eggs Lamp, How to Make

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One day I was watching my gooses and her eggs and the light turn on!! I run to buy two light bulb, a transformer and put me at work

Step 1: The Body

Plane and square a piece of wood and make the dado for the transformer.

Step 2: The Details

Planing the edge bevels, carving a Celtic triskel and making the holes for light bulbs and the eggs.

Step 3: The Finishes

For the finishes, burn the wood and use homemade beeswax and olive oil.

Step 4: The Assembly

Use hot glue for assembly the light bulbs, the transformer and the wire.

Step 5: The Result

I hope you like this little work with a good couple of eggs

If you want to see more visit

The Wood Eater YouTube Channel

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Step 6: The Video

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