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Introduction: Tape Dispenser, How to Make

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We always need a Tape Dispenser!

I think it's a good gift to do and not difficult.

For this two models I only use plywood, a piece of steel and a reclaimed piece of copper pipe.

Step 1: The Body

The rough work to preform the body of the dispenser is with hand saw and raspe. When you have the basic form you can glue it

Step 2: Some Details

You can make a few drill to do pencil holders.

And work with raspe to give it a nice design. Using saw and chisel the work is more easy.

Step 3: The Finishes

For the finishes I carve two Celtic triskeles. After sanding, I varnish it.

Step 4: The Details

For the cutter I use a piece of copper pipe and the result is great!!!

Step 5: The Result

I hope you like it, share and comment.

You can see more in

The Wood Eater YouTube Channel


Step 6: The Video

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