Introduction: Gopro Handheld Mount - Very Cheap and Very Functional

The GoPro mounting system is indeed wonderful, however, I found that many of the commercially available mounts are expensive for what they are. Also when I made this (Early 2014) there weren't many options available for hand holding the GoPro camera.

So using some simple materials I built a handheld mount that I use to record everyday situations without having to have a camera strapped to my head or chest.

Step 1: Written Instructions

For video instructions please see above.

What you need:
- Short section of 3/4" CPVC pipe. Note this is different than the regular white schedule 40 PVC pipe but it's still available at most hardware stores. This is the stuff you would use for potable water. My section is 4.5" long.

- #10-24 x 1" nylon bolt and nut

- 3/4" CPVC end cap

- Chunk of Styrofoam or packing foam (so it floats)

- 3/16" drill bit

- The 90 degree adapter that came with your GoPro


1) Measure 6mm down from the end of the pipe and drill a hole all the way through the center such that the TOP of the hole is right at that mark or slightly underneath.

2) Insert the small end of the 90 degree adapter into the pipe and align the holes.

3) pass the nylon bolt through and tighten with the nut. Don't overtighten.

4) Insert foam into pipe from other side.

5) Press or glue on the cap on the other side.