Introduction: Graphics Card Display

In this tutorial, I will show you how to turn an old graphics card into a display of how a GPU works!


To make this you will need:

  • An old GPU
  • Some sturdy card or wood
  • Tools (Screwdriver)

Step 1: Take Apart Your GPU

I will not go into great detail about how to take a GPU apart because different GPU's have different ways you need to take them apart. For me, it was as simple as:

  1. Unplugging the fan
  2. Unscrewing the heatsink
  3. Unscrewing the PCIe slot cover
  4. Unplugging the VGA port

Step 2: Plan

Planing is a vital step if you want your graphics card display to look good. For me, I laid out all of the separate parts in a way I liked and made a final decision on where I wanted each part to be. You will also want to cut your card/wood to size.

Step 3: Mount It on the Card/wood

To mount it onto my card I used a hot glue gun which held it on well, but if you are using wood and want to then you could always use screws to hold it on.

Step 4: Done

You have finished, this can be hung up on a wall or even framed. I hope you enjoyed!

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