Introduction: Grass Rug

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Because sometimes going outside and standing in grass is too much of an effort, make you own patch-o'-faux-grass rug that you can stand on right in your own living room! No watering, trimming, or shagging; its the best of both worlds! See how I crochet this awesome little patch!

Note: Absolutely no grass was harmed in the making of this instructable.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you'll need:

Yarn in varying shades of green (this makes it look more like grass. I used 5 balls/skeins of yarn, in 3 different colors. Also, I used the cheaper acrylic yarn rather than a wool blend)

Size US 14 crochet hook

Some down time ( a completed 16 inch squared patch-o'-grass took me 4 hours, minus yarn detangling time. If you are very ambitious and want to make a huge rug, I recommend working in smaller squares and then stitching them together)

Step 2: Pattern

I used 5 different lengths of yarn, which I held together and used as one chunky length. If you've never done this before, don't fret, its not much harder than just using one piece of yarn. The reason I did this was because I wanted the rug really shaggy, which would require loads of loops being made, and to shave time, I decided that chunky was the way to go.

To achieve a squared 16 inch patch:

Chain 20


20 Single Crochet (SC) [see video]

Chain 1

20 Loop Stitch [see video]

Chain 1


Repeat from "--" to "--"

Step 3: How to Single Crochet

Step 4: How to Loop Stitch

Step 5: Snip the Loops

Once your happy with the size of your patch, snip all the loops you just made with a scissor. This process was quick and cathartic.