Introduction: Grasshopper Martini

Summer is coming... cool down the hot sizzling summer nights with this great after dinner drink. Perfect for two or one if you prefer drinking alone.

*Please read instructions all the way through before starting.

Alcohol Warning: This drink contains alcohol.

Allergy Warning: This drink contains dairy products. If you have an allergy, non-dairy substitutes can be made.

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

2 Cups of Ice

2 Cups of Vanilla Ice Cream

2 Tablespoons of Milk (any kind of milk will do: skim, 2%, whole, almond milk, etc)

1/3 Cup of Creme de Menthe (for non-alcoholic substitute: 3 drops of mint extract and 3 drops of green food coloring)


Chocolate Syrup

Whipped Cream

Step 2: Equip Yourself!


Measuring Cups

Serving Glasses: all shapes and sizes welcome!

Step 3: Put Ingredients in Blender

In any order you so desire, place the ingredients into the blender.

2 Cups of Ice

2 Ice Cream

1/3 Cup of Creme de Menthe

2 Tablespoons Milk

Step 4: Let's Get to Blending

Blend on milkshake or smoothie option, if applicable.

Step 5: Blend for 1-2 Minutes or Until Substance Is Smooth

Substance should look similar to a milkshake or smoothie, except GREEN!

If substance gets caught and does not blend after 30 seconds, stop the blender and stir with a spoon. Then resume blending.

Step 6: Optional: Drizzle Chocolate Sauce

If you LOVE chocolate, and because why not, drizzle chocolate syrup down the side of the empty serving glass.

You can drizzle the chocolate in the shape of a star or a swirl. Let your creative side come out.

Step 7: POUR

Pour the finished blended green drink into the serving glasses.

Step 8: Optional: Top With Whipped Cream

Add Whipped Cream to the top of the glass for an extra special treat.

Make sure to vigorously shake Whipped Cream bottle before use.