Introduction: Grave Digger Monster Truck Costume

so my 3yr old wanted to be grave digger monster truck for Halloween. I used 2 medium sized boxes, paints, Styrofoam plates,foil,an old pair of children's light up shoes, elastic straps (from the (99cstore) push lights (from the dollar tree) glue, duct tape and time

Step 1:

I made my 3yrold boy a grave digger monster truck costume the first thing I got was 2 medium size boxes one for the body of the truck and the other I used for spare parts jus incase I messed up or need additional support. I went online and looked at various pictures of grave digger and basically eyeballed it so I drew the outline of the body on the box and cut the areas where it needed to be cut then I started painting but I left the unpainted areas alone.I didn't cut that part that way I can glue in the tires later

Step 2:

I know each side isn't going to be exactly identical but I tried. as you can see the box itself should be a whole square but I decided to cut the front part of the truck at an angle to have that front slope effect where the front window would be.

Step 3:

from one of the spare boxes I had, I used 3 of the folding flaps of the box. one long piece for the window another long piece for the hood and a shorter piece to create the illusion of the scoop part of the hood.

Step 4:

now with this part all I did was look at internet pictures of the grave digger truck and mimicked the mural.

Step 5:

same thing with this side. I guess I'm slightly artistic but all this was done free hand.

Step 6:

as far as the tires are concerned all I did was glue 2 Styrofoam plates together painted them black and cut a circle of foil and glued the foil onto the center of all four tires and glued the tires onto the part of the box I didn't cut.

Step 7:

continued the process on the other side.

Step 8:

what I did for the lights here in this pic was I got an old pair of my boys street light shoes and cut out the LED lights out of the heels of the shoes and cut slits in the card board and inserted them in for added support I jus put duck tape on the inside so they won't pop out backwards and for the front so they wont pop out forwardI cut 2 square pieces of cardboard and made little holes where the little light bulbs could go through and glued the cardboard squares onto the lights.

Step 9:

then I went to the dollar tree and bought 4 little push lights and glued 2 to the back and 2 to the front. I know grave digger doesn't have lights in the back but I was just thinking of my child's safety.

Step 10:

and I continued the painting process and painted the lens red because grave diggers lights front lights are red. as far as the straps go I guess you can put them anyway you want but I found it better criss cross them because my 3yr old had a tendency to wear the costume more towards the back making it look front heavy so where the elastic crosses kinda acts as a stop guide so the costume goes on him evenly. well sort of lol he's just a kid :)

Step 11:

Step 12:

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