Haunted Mansion Key Portrait

Introduction: Haunted Mansion Key Portrait

I didnt know what to do with my Disneyland haunted mansion key till I saw someone else do theirs and since nobody has posted it yet I figured id pass the wonderful idea to everyone else.

Step 1: Items

first your going to need a key to show off mine just so happened to be Disney's haunted mansion key I bought earlier this year, second any cheap picture frame from either the dollar tree or the 99c store, just make sure the frame is deep enough to fit the width of the key and fabric next the fabric I so happened to obtain this small piece of fabric for free (at the time) 2 months ago when the site was giving it away. now you have to buy a piece if you want it. at www.spoonflower.com this place has many fabrics.

Step 2:

I then cut the white edges off the fabric and turned the family cardboard picture over and WITHOUT glue I folded the fabric over the cardboard and put sticking Velcro on the back end of the key and to the fabric itself so the key can stay in place while hanging.

Step 3:

I put the white boarder frame on top and placed the key firmly down onto the fabric where I placed the Velcro then I inserted the whole thing in the frame.

Step 4:

and there you go a nice display for your key.

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    your welcome. thank you for the wonderful comments.