Great Figure8 Snake Cake!!




Introduction: Great Figure8 Snake Cake!!

Creating an individual snake shape cake for a child turning eight became an adventure into the world of simple sponge transformed into the not so simple looking snake cake.  I love the opportunity to bedazzle and the joy of the creatin which actually was not difficult. 

Step 1: Purchases

Purchasing items, preparation and correct materials save stressed mums.
Buy:-  simple round (Woolworths) sponge cake, usually two in a packet.
 :-Royal icing, pre-made, white stuff, also at Woolworths.
:-Green food colouring, just the cheap stuff
:- a packet of roll- up, surprise...from Woolworths
:- plain white icing sugar, from... you know.

Step 2: Materials

What items you need to create.
:- large plate or surface or plastic container
:- deep plastic cup
:-tooth picks (only for emergencies)
:- knife
:- Cheese grater
:-time (ha he)

Step 3: Creation

1. Take the two sponge cakes and use the deep plastic cup to carefully make a hole in the centre of both cakes, twist slowly and gently. Remove centre.

2. Take one of the (donut shaped) sponges and slice it at an right angle from the middle of cake to the edge.  Think about this, it is important.   Only cut form the middle of the top to the middle of the edge. The piece removed will become to head of Mr.Snake.

3. Place the cut sponge ( with the  angled pive removed) and place on plate. Place the whole donut shaped sponge on top, half covering the removed section and creating a figure 8.

4. Tuck the head piece from the angled cut in the top circle as the head on the snake.

5. Open pre-made royal icing and massage in green food colouring. Rolling pin out and cut into strips to cover the snake cake.  There will be plenty of tucking in.  I used and cheese grater to create a pattern of scales on the icing.

6. The the Roll-Ups, cut the square of at and angle across from one corner to the other, crossing the middle.  Do both ways to create diamond shapes.  Simply peel of shapes and arrange on the snake cake.  Use odd shaped ones for the eyes.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    This looks awesome!
    I'm going to try to replicate it based on your description; if it works I'll share the pictures so you can add them to your Instructable.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for feedback, this is my first time and I am learning from the process. I shall be more prepared next time.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I agree about the need for step by step photos, preferably with comments on the pictures for assistance.

    Also, step 3 should be split into its parts; right now you cover 6 separate steps all in that single step.

    The cake looks great, would love the instructable to be just as good!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Wonderful idea but there needs to be photos of the steps, I hope you will do this again and add photos of the process..