Introduction: Green-Apple Lime Margarita

The wife is doing the brunch thing but suddenly I'm in charge of the beverage?

OK. This one is always a winner but it's not a real margarita. It's lightweight and won't get you tipped over, unless you add the vodka hidden under the kitchen sink. It still won't be a margarita but you might get tipped over if you drink a few.

Oh.  It tastes good too. 

You will need 4 things to make 2 jumbo fake margaritas:

1 Green Apple wine cooler
3 tablespoons limeade concentrate
Lime wedges

Open the wine cooler and pour it into an ice cube tray. Put it in the freezer until frozen or darn close. If you have any extra left, drink it. JUST KIDDING! Put it in the frig.  Drink the vodka. You know you want to.

Put the frozen green apple cubes in the blender.  Pour in any wine leftover . Open the limeade and pour 3 tablespoons on top. Add 2 cups of regular ice cubes and blend it.

Put a lime slice on a glass and pour in the Green Apple slush. Put in a couple of straws.

Drink.  It is now called a Green apple Lime Margarita.

Hope you like it. 

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