Introduction: Green Tea Chocolate Bark With Peanuts

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These Green Tea Chocolate Bark with Peanut are yummy if you like green tea. They are made of Matcha green tea which is a ceremonial green tea of Japan. It has a very pleasant green color. SO if you like green it is worth the try.

Step 1: All You Need

All you need is

White Chocolate chip or candy melt. 8 ounce packet.

Half cup peanut.

2 tablespoon Matcha Tea.

1 teabag green tea. (optional this gives a dark green texture/spark to the chocolate bark).

Step 2: Melt, Mix, Set and Eat It ...

- Follow instructions at the back candy melt packet to melt it . I pour the candy melt in a square microwave safe container. I put it in microwave for 2 min at half the power and stir it every 20 second. Till the chocolate is melted.

- The remove and add all the ingredient and mix well. Open the tea bag and rub the tea leaf in the palm, This breaks the green tea leaf and once mixed in it gives it a dark green flake.

- Now after you have mixed the peanut and Matcha powder nicely let it set in the square container and put it in the refrigerator for 1 hour at least.

- After the chocolate is set, remove it from the container by microwaving it on low for 10 second. Flip the container upside down. Remove the bark and cut it or break it into pieces and serve. These can also be made in advance refrigerated.

- To perk it up you can sprinkle green tea on top of each pieces.

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