Introduction: Greenhouse Made With...scaffolding?

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Hi! Today I am here for a project a bit little off the usual track. Instead of electronics or mechanics I bring you a greenhouse, structure made with scaffolding. I want to show you all how easy is to build a greenhouse like this, without having to pay to someone to do the job! Its pretty simple!

Step 1: First Things First: Find a Good Place

Before anything else, you need to find a decent place to build your structure. In my case, since I already had some kind of wall near the place I was going to build the greenhouse, I did not even have to worry about fixing it to the ground since scaffolding was made to last. However, I trully reccomend to find a place with almost no natural wind, and some kind of protection, since you don´t want to your greenhouse to flee away :D. You can also opt to fix the structure to the ground, but thats up to you. I forgot to take a picture of the place before starting to build, so sorry about that! The place I choose to build the greenhouse has around 6 meters per 3. Since I have to build some stairs, I ended up making the greenhouse with 6 per 2.5 meters.

Step 2: The Scaffolding Structure

I had these scaffolding from other projects, so I just had to reuse them. This is the structure after being built. As you can see, its pretty solid! The scaffolding has these circles as you may see in the 4th image so that you can connect the parts like Lego. I only needed less than 2 hour to build this.

Step 3: Don´t Forget the Door!

I opted to make a door right in the middle of the structure, since the scaffolding I had here at home was a bit limited and I wanted to keep things simple. To better secure the structure, I made this connection in shape of a triangle to make sure the place where the door is gonna be is resistent.

Step 4: Scaffolding Is Ugly...lets Add a Bit of Aluminum Sheet!

Well, every project made here needs a bit of aluminium, and scaffolding does not look that good, so I added some aluminum around it, as you cann see from the image.

Step 5: Adding the Supports to the Plants

Since I wanted to make a layer to place the plants, I used the default parts used in scaffolding building, since they connect in a simple way.

Step 6: Some Plastic to Make the Greenhouse Itself

I used some plastic semi-transparent to make the sidewalls of the greenhouse.

Step 7: Roof

Using some plastic roof tiles, which were giant (I only needed 6) I made the roof. Using some iron and shims I fixed them to the structure.

Step 8: Ventillation

Instead of adding windows, I decided to leave this zones in the sides of the greenhouse to let the air flow. In the winter, or when I think the temperature is too low, I use some of the extra plastic I used to the sidewalls to close them. Simple

Step 9: How It Looks Like

This is how the exterior looks like. Pretty cool, right?

Step 10: More Aluminum Sheets

Well, since the interior was a bit ugly because of thescaffolding tables, I decided to cover them with aluminum sheet

Step 11: Paiting the Floor

Since the old floor was not in the proper conditions, I painted it with this brown I had at home.

Step 12: Result and Thoughs

This was the end result of my work. Well, it is not exactly the end, since the Greenhouse is not ready yet. The plants and door are missing, but this will take some time and I will be updating the instructable when I add new things! I hope you liked the project and gave you some ideas. As you can see, building a green house is not that hard :D. If you enjoyed, consider to vote in this instructable, since I am competing in a Gardening contest! See you in the next project!

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