Grilled Cheese and Egg Sandwich

Introduction: Grilled Cheese and Egg Sandwich

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Hi guys today we are going to learn ho to make delicious grilled cheese and egg sandwich.


- 2toast

- 1egg

- salt

- black pepper

- garlic powder

- onion powder

- butter

- oil

- pan (or grill)

- splash of milk

Step 1: Preparing Toast

Put the butter in a pan, add a couple slices of bread and cook until golden and remove when done.

Step 2: Making the Egg

Put the spices on the egg and mix them in a bowl.

Step 3: Cooking the Egg

Put a little bit of oil in the same pan and cook the egg.

Step 4:

put the toast on the egg and flip over.

Step 5:

Put the cheese and make sure everything fits on the toast by folding the extra parts of the egg.

Step 6: The Last Step

Fold the sandwich so that the two pieces of toast are on top of each other,

Step 7:


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    11 months ago

    Two of my favorite sandwiches blended into one!
    Good luck in the contest.

    Rowida gamal
    Rowida gamal

    Reply 11 months ago

    Thank you so much :D