Introduction: Grilled Chicken (Mexican Style)

items needed
* garlic salt
* chilli powder
* onion powder
* ground black pepper
* jalapenos ( I use dried, also crushed chilli flakes but you can use sliced jalapenos in can with juice)
* 2 limes
* 1 orange
* 1 onion
* boneless chicken breast

****** I am aware that I did not say tablespoon or teaspoon. it's because everyone is different some like more spice some want more acid (limes), salt, etc....

Step 1: Chicken Season Time

I normally thaw out my chicken in the sink. once thawed it's time for the seasoning.

season the chicken on both sides with the first 5 items to your liking but if you are using canned jalapenos then wait for next step.

Step 2: Store the Juice

I normally use a plate but a zip lock bag, bowl, whatever you can use to store the chicken in the freg with will work.

prep time first. cut the limes in half. cut the orange in half ; 1 half for juice and other for flavor. the flavor side try to cut in circles. circles make you look like a pro. cut onion in circle slices also for the onion rings affect. have the canned jalapenos open.

let's use the plate method.

place a circle slice of orange on the bottom of the plate and place a piece of chicken on top. add another slice of orange on top of that piece of chicken and add orange and lime juice on top of the chicken but remember you will add to other pieces. an onion ring or two and a jalapeno slice add juice for heat. cont the process and stack the chicken to your liking as well.

let the chicken soak up the juices in the freg for 1 hour or so......

Step 3: We Did Say Grill, Right?!?!

I hope you know how to use your grill, so get you grill to a good temp and place your chicken down.

I have 2 suggestions:
1. leave your chicken alone, I know you want to touch and turn your chicken but don't touch your chicken. until ....
2. only turn your chicken once the top part starts to get white. you will also see a surprise of the grill marks. so place your chicken where you want the grill marks to be right when you place your chicken on the grill. once turned over it will be about 3 - 5 mins depends on the thickness of your chicken.

if you follow my grilling method you shouldn't get a chicken that looks like a dog got to it, tears apart because you turn it to soon and you get grill marks which makes you look like a pro. I know I said like a pro before but that's why we are here to be better and I'm not excluded so feel free to let me know what changes you made to improve my method...... we learn something every day and I want to learn 2

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